4 Key Points to Finding Your Purpose in Life

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Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye… Over at the MOS group page on Facebook we have been discussing about Finding your Purpose in Life and I was explaining the 4 key points that I discuss with my athletes as they grow in their own sport and in life. But before that I like to tell you a quick little story. … Read More

7 Ways to Power Your Way to Your Goals….Now!!!

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Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye… Did you know the large part of any athletes stress and anxiety is due to the fact that they don’t understand how to control their thoughts, feelings and emotions going through their brain. Once they do understand how to they are able to power their way to any type of goal or dream. The … Read More

9 Critical Skills to Prepare You for Life

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Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye…   When I was younger I always remember these critical skills being shown to me by a teacher, I just can’t remember which grade it was or the teacher – time does catch up they say 🙂 But the point I wish to make here is this, I still remind myself daily of them … Read More

What Does Integrity Look Like?

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Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye… You know what, words do really matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s politicians or athletes the world listens to every word that is said and takes it all in to where a point it is unbelievable. Words caught on social media or in emails, he said or she said can get up pretty fast … Read More

The Importance of Good Communication Skills

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Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye… “My responsibility is leadership and communication, and the minute I get negative, that is going to have an influence on my team.” Don Shula.     5 Very Effective Communication Skills Watch your tone:  I watch the negative coaches yelling, screaming and shouting at their players across the rink. Constantly embarrassing and belittling kids … Read More

Simple Tips to Help Find Balance in Life and Sports

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Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye… Finding balance is hard enough generally in life but sometimes even harder for an athlete who goes to school trains for competition and then tries to live a normal life. Whoa I’m just getting tired reading and thinking of it. In theory you would think a balance life would be simple for a young … Read More

How Do You Know You Are Burning Out in Your Sport?

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Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye “Are you burnt out?” How in the heck can you be burnt out, the season has just begun, asked the coach to a couple of his players, while I stood there observing the conversation. You see this coach had a couple of players who were not ‘pulling’ their weight and looked pretty lazy out … Read More

Tips to Over-Come Sports Anxiety

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Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye   We have started the new season and we have some great anticipation happening for a tremendous year a head stated the coach to his team. Then all of the sudden certain players start and feeling some anxiety happening to themselves as they start thinking of the season a head. Uncontrollable shaking, rapid heart … Read More

How To Keep Your 4 K’s Kicking!

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Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye…   As we all know a lot of players season’s are just getting under way. These guys and gals have been training hard over the summer both off and on the ice and now it’s time where the rubber is starting to hit the road. Teams are being developed along with practicing systems and … Read More