Fatal Head Injuries In Hockey

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As our new season of hockey begins the same old question has been circulating already. What’s it going take? A major injury to a super star, a near fatal life threatening injury or the absolute worst case….death! So many people are wondering this, that we as coaches must make a stand and we must make it now. Recent studies indicate and show … Read More

How To Purchase A Good Hockey Stick

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Have you ever walked into a sporting goods store, gone to the hockey section and up against the back wall there stands an endless row of thousands of hockey sticks. All gleaming with brand names on them, shiny with different patterns, all yelling out at you, ‘Buy me, buy me I have all the goals in them’ ( ok it’s only me … Read More

How They Train In Sweden

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I love learning new things and new ways of looking at how to do stuff, especially about hockey. Recently I received some photos and some video of some young hockey players being trained over in Sweden from my friend Jessica Bergstrom. Jessica is one of the personal trainers for an elite hockey school in Sweden called SwetecHockey. SWETEC Hockey was founded in 2002 … Read More