What does it really Take to Make it as a Elite Athlete?

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I wrote a series of emails to the MOS team the other week talking about what it really takes to make it as a elite athlete and I have been asked to publish it in my blog section of the website, so here it is!


‘Endure, put up with whatever comes your way, learn to overcome weakness and pain, push yourself to breaking point but never cave in. If you don’t learn that lesson, you’ll never succeed as an elite athlete.’

Toni Nadal

Did you know that the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans published by the Department of Health recommend 2.5 hours (150 minutes) of physical activity a week. But that’s barely going to scratch the surface if you want to be an elite athlete. Two and a half hours of physical activity a week will help you to maintain a general level of overall health, but if you want to excel in a specific sport, you’ll need a much more intense training regime than that, right?

In a survey of more than 700 Olympic and elite athletes, 58% of those surveyed said that dedication was the most important quality in a wannabe elite athlete. But practice isn’t enough. You also need the right attitude, the right genes, and the right people around you to succeed at the highest level. It’s a tough road—but the rewards can be tremendous.

We have all heard of the 3 D’s right?


But really there has to more to it then that right? Of course these 3 D’s do serve a majority of the reason you can become an elite athlete don’t get me wrong because I ‘preach’ them all the time to the athletes I coach.

But again, is there more?

Of course there is or we have nothing to talk about 🙂

      Want it More-Elite Athletes

Seriously though, I like to look at the 3 D’s plus the Magical 7 this week and discuss right here what they all are and what it takes to going after them all.

Besides the 3 D’s mentioned already, we also have the Magical 7

Communication Skill
Willing to do More then the next
Self Confidence
Having your own Routine
Hardening of the Athlete

Now you may all be wondering what I mean by some of those headings and rightly so. What does hardening of the athlete really mean? or communication mean for developing an elite athlete?

Well, they mean a lot and we will get into all tomorrow on our next email, hope you can join me then!

Until next time.

Coach Nye

About the Author

With years of experience in sports and business – from sweeping the floors when starting off in business, to coaching a very successful National Championship hockey team and then managing other hockey teams along the way – the Coach has seen it all!

Coach Nye is the founder and CEO of Mind Over Sport (www.CoachingMindOverSport.com), a world wide leader in effective mental fitness/toughness training, leadership, stress management training and life coaching. Since being involved in the sport of hockey, Coach Nye has trained numerous players to the professional level and continues to this day to connect with them and many others to help them through different stages in their playing careers. Coach Nye has created his own weekly podcast show, Mind Over Sport Podcast Show with Coach Nye with over thousands of followers and listeners. While also working with great organizations such as Womens Hockey Life, The Coaches Site, My Pro Hero, Weiss Tech Hockey Magazine and Changing the Game Project. He currently resides in Lucan, Ontario Canada.

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